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Perfection Not Required in Technology Assisted Review, but Transparency Might Be

A recent discovery order in a Southern District of New York public housing lottery discrimination case supported the use of technology assisted review (TAR) but required additional transparency, providing another view into how judges will consider the use of advanced analytics in litigation. In Winfield v. City of New York, Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker … Continue Reading

Proportionality and Predictive Coding: A Hip Combination

Ok, excuse that bad joke. But the recent decision in In re: Biomet, the hip replacement multi-district litigation out of the Northern District of Indiana, is noteworthy because it discusses proportionality and predictive coding in the same space. The mere fact that predictive coding is an available tool doesn’t mean that it should be applied … Continue Reading

Production Gaps in Two Kansas Employment Cases Lead to Evidentiary Hearing and Order to Produce Hard Drive Images

Co-authored by: Gil Keteltas In reviewing an opponent’s production of electronically stored information (ESI), you may start out with the common sense question, “What information is missing that I expected to see based on the claims and defenses in dispute?”   This question, a somewhat informal “gap analysis,” is central to two recent employment litigation decisions … Continue Reading